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Eco Friendly Fishing: Preserving Fishing for the Future

For some folks, living in the big cities, there is no such thing as eco friendly fishing. They see any form of recreational hunting or fishing as bad, bad, bad. The link back to our past ancestors and their dependence upon these skills for their very survival, are seen as obsolete. How quickly we forget, as we line up in our supermarkets, killing ourselves with comfort foods of every description. Well, sitting on your arse and typing in front of a screen is a decidedly unhealthy way of living. It might be animal friendly, but it isn’t human/animal friendly.

Eco Friendly Fishing: Preserving Fishing for the Future

In actual fact, many recreational fishermen catch and release their fish these days, which makes their activities highly eco-friendly. The reality is that fishing, especially fly fishing, can be a very healthy activity to partake in. Breathing all that fresh air and being outside in nature puts the soul into a true angler. Most recreational fishermen you talk to are concerned with preserving fishing for the future. They want their children to be able to enjoy fishing; and the only way that will be possible is, if there are fish to catch in the rivers and the sea.

Eco-friendly fishing people, men and women, are, often, more attuned to nature than those tree hugging greenies. They spend real time outdoors in contemplation and have the experience to reflect on what it means to be a human being. We listen to the marine scientists and cooperate with the government agencies charged with achieving a sustainable environment. You don’t know what nature is all about, until you have stood thigh deep in a river with a rod in your hand. You are one with the elements and there is poetry in the water under the sky.

Fishing people have always known the state of their marine environment and ecology, because they venture out in it. Fishing spots and the seas have been stripped by commercial fishing interests, not by the local recreational anglers. Fly fishing is an art and it is performed, in the main, by sensitive exponents. The more you fish, the more you care about the environment, because you get into the headspace of the fish. Click here for more on the fishing mojo. You want the best for your prey, you want to see the fishing stocks peak, it makes sense. Give fishing people more of a say in the running of the marine environment and you will get sustainable fish stocks.


Fun in Recreational Activities

People come to recreational parks mainly to relax and unwind. But along with the feeling of relaxation, you also get to see attractions, and probably learn some new things. Recreation is oftentimes confused with leisure. Recreation means a rejuvenating experience for the mind and body. On the other hand, leisure means an entertainment activity.

Recreational activities are either indoor or outdoor depending on the person. Other people prefer recreational activities like playing board games or cards, even video games, while others prefer to do it in the sun. Recreational activities like biking, playing basketball or volleyball, even traveling in other places is considered as a recreational activity.

When you visit recreational parks, various activities are intended for everyone. Be it for adults, or children, you can find something that will totally suit you. You could bring your children, as there are fun-filled activities for them while you enjoy; or you can go alone and discover things that you think you can’t do but can, or just do something that you missed doing.

Here’s a few ideas for some stress-relieving activities out in the sun.

1. Camping
2. Jogging
3. Water Activities
4. Hiking

If you need a healthy way to break stress, outdoor activities are a is the best possible solution. These serve us two options of benefits first we can have physical activities or exercise and the second one is enjoy as stress re-leaver. There’s a lot of things you can do outdoor but this are only of the few. If you are now surfing into some difficult times with stress and anxiety you can try to visit Robert Kirby a well-known life coaching personality in Australia.