Ballarat Fly Fishing’s New Glamping Experience

It seems we have all given roughing it the flick and decided the great outdoors are only great from inside luxury accommodation. We are happy to look out the window at nature or watch it on screen, but all those bugs and the bad weather can go take a flying duck. Old fashioned camping, these days, is only for queers, and most of them are too busy getting married anyway. Ballarat fly fishing’s new glamping experience is like everything else on the planet, all about technology making things easier. Do you ever get the sneaking sense that a lot of the hoo ha about technological innovation is really all about selling more widgets? No? Maybe I am the only one who sees the underlying pattern.

Glamping & Fly Fishing in Ballarat

High tech solutions are, often solutions for problems you didn’t really know existed or were never that much of a problem anyway. Marketing people are forever inventing problems that technology overcomes. We have examples of campers not being able to charge their devices, which I though was one of the reasons why you went bush in the first place, to get away from it all. Gone fishing, used to mean, that you were uncontactable and off the grid for a while.

Glamping Solutions

Wake up without a sore back, now, that is a good idea. Comfort does have its place in camping whether you are glamping or not. A good night’s rest is an important component of the whole nature loving great outdoors thing. Green waste removal does not have a place at the campsite in this instance and is another example of my editor’s crazy lack of expertise in these matters. Solar power at your campsite does make sense and can offer you power for recharging those devices.

High Tech Tents with Hot Showers

High tech tents with hot showers and espresso machine capabilities are becoming less the playthings of billionaires and more a common occurrence on the glamping scene. Luxury has followed wealthy westerners even into the bush and the woods. Why wipe your arse on leaves, when you can stroke your behind with velvety loo paper? The glamper travels in mobile homes like you have never imagined, these things, literally, have everything. There are poor people in the cities who have less space in their permanent homes than is available inside some of these behemoths.