Angling with Nature: Traditional Fishing Techniques

Fishing has been around for a very long time providing food while at the same time leisure for countless number of individuals. Many engage in fishing activities as a form of recreational activity by themselves or with a friend. As technology progress so does new ways of catching fishes are introduced. With that being said, nothing can be the traditional fishing techniques that were once used by or ancestors. Let us look at why back to basics fishing is becoming popular today.

Fishing has indeed progressed introducing new innovations and improvements along the way. With that being said, technology is considered to be a double edged sword as it brings its own set of advantages and disadvantages. For instance, illegal and unregulated fishing is decimating inshore fish stocks while at the same time critically threatens people who make a living from the sea, a report on South Africa’s oceans warns.

Inshore and coastal ecosystems that need protection include estuaries, wetlands, lagoons, slat marshes, mangroves and dunes. Uncontrolled and expanding fossil fuel exploration and bulk sediment mining of the seabed are threats to ecosystems offshore. All of these factors result to damaging the ecosystem which can affect marine life and the quality of fishes that you will be catching.

In an effort to bring people back to natural ways of fishing, several events are held to draw fishing enthusiasts to support their cause. The Gone Fishing Day for example has been declared an overwhelming success with over 130 events staged across the country. Fishing World attended an event at the Sydney Game Fishing Club where Gone Fishing Day organisers hosted several politicians and high profile anglers. The Gone Fishing Day event was a priceless exercise in education for the ministers and a highly valuable method to inform decision makers of the importance of recreational fishing in Australia.

So you are all set and ready to go on a fishing vacation but first you will need to find a suitable fishing village that is able to suit your needs and preferences. Guests can stay in a rorbuer on Svinoya a walkable island connected to Svolvaer by bridge, where sanguine fishing cabins have been converted into quaint and comfortable lodgings.

They can also utilize mobile fishing huts which are custom-built sheds are fully transportable and have their own solar power supply. Each of these comes with a wood burning stove and composting toilets. This in turn allows people to fully immerse themselves in recreational fishing.

If you are looking for a more cost effective way of fishing, you can try natural lures and baits. People will find fun use for pests as these can be used as baits and are as effective as plastic lures however, with the advantage of costing way less.

Before you start your fishing journey, you may want to review first the fishing guidelines that is found in your country. You don’t want to suffer the safe same of a recreational fisherman fined $3000 for undersize catch. The man was charged with unlawfully taking undersized fish that are regulated under the Fisheries Act 1994. The magistrate imposed a $3000 fine and ordered him to pay court costs. This is a perfect reminder to fishers to correctly measure their catch to ensure it complies with Queensland size limits which is made to place to protect and conserve fish stocks for current and future generations.