After an all-day long toil at the office or shop, you will wish to find somewhere just to unwind as you prepare for the next day. In the real sense, it is not only about relaxation but also being able to entertain yourself through attractions in their variant forms. Headed by Hugo Krimmer, Ballarat Fly Fishers Outdoor Programs offers you just that.

We offer a broad range of recreation and outdoor programs that will leave you feeling relaxed and relieved from your worries. Specifically, we offer you programs like camping, water activities, and hiking besides letting you jog your troubles away.

Apart from our physical location at Level 2 19 King St, Melbourne Vic 300, you can also visit our website Ballarat Fly Fishers Outdoor Programs’ for more information. Finally, we cater for people from all walks of life, and our activities are very efficient with respect to your health.