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Ballarat Fly Fishing’s New Glamping Experience

It seems we have all given roughing it the flick and decided the great outdoors are only great from inside luxury accommodation. We are happy to look out the window at nature or watch it on screen, but all those bugs and the bad weather can go take a flying duck. Old fashioned camping, these days, is only for queers, and most of them are too busy getting married anyway. Ballarat fly fishing’s new glamping experience is like everything else on the planet, all about technology making things easier. Do you ever get the sneaking sense that a lot of the hoo ha about technological innovation is really all about selling more widgets? No? Maybe I am the only one who sees the underlying pattern.

Glamping & Fly Fishing in Ballarat

High tech solutions are, often solutions for problems you didn’t really know existed or were never that much of a problem anyway. Marketing people are forever inventing problems that technology overcomes. We have examples of campers not being able to charge their devices, which I though was one of the reasons why you went bush in the first place, to get away from it all. Gone fishing, used to mean, that you were uncontactable and off the grid for a while.

Glamping Solutions

Wake up without a sore back, now, that is a good idea. Comfort does have its place in camping whether you are glamping or not. A good night’s rest is an important component of the whole nature loving great outdoors thing. Green waste removal does not have a place at the campsite in this instance and is another example of my editor’s crazy lack of expertise in these matters. Solar power at your campsite does make sense and can offer you power for recharging those devices.

High Tech Tents with Hot Showers

High tech tents with hot showers and espresso machine capabilities are becoming less the playthings of billionaires and more a common occurrence on the glamping scene. Luxury has followed wealthy westerners even into the bush and the woods. Why wipe your arse on leaves, when you can stroke your behind with velvety loo paper? The glamper travels in mobile homes like you have never imagined, these things, literally, have everything. There are poor people in the cities who have less space in their permanent homes than is available inside some of these behemoths.


Eco Friendly Fishing: Preserving Fishing for the Future

For some folks, living in the big cities, there is no such thing as eco friendly fishing. They see any form of recreational hunting or fishing as bad, bad, bad. The link back to our past ancestors and their dependence upon these skills for their very survival, are seen as obsolete. How quickly we forget, as we line up in our supermarkets, killing ourselves with comfort foods of every description. Well, sitting on your arse and typing in front of a screen is a decidedly unhealthy way of living. It might be animal friendly, but it isn’t human/animal friendly.

Eco Friendly Fishing: Preserving Fishing for the Future

In actual fact, many recreational fishermen catch and release their fish these days, which makes their activities highly eco-friendly. The reality is that fishing, especially fly fishing, can be a very healthy activity to partake in. Breathing all that fresh air and being outside in nature puts the soul into a true angler. Most recreational fishermen you talk to are concerned with preserving fishing for the future. They want their children to be able to enjoy fishing; and the only way that will be possible is, if there are fish to catch in the rivers and the sea.

Eco-friendly fishing people, men and women, are, often, more attuned to nature than those tree hugging greenies. They spend real time outdoors in contemplation and have the experience to reflect on what it means to be a human being. We listen to the marine scientists and cooperate with the government agencies charged with achieving a sustainable environment. You don’t know what nature is all about, until you have stood thigh deep in a river with a rod in your hand. You are one with the elements and there is poetry in the water under the sky.

Fishing people have always known the state of their marine environment and ecology, because they venture out in it. Fishing spots and the seas have been stripped by commercial fishing interests, not by the local recreational anglers. Fly fishing is an art and it is performed, in the main, by sensitive exponents. The more you fish, the more you care about the environment, because you get into the headspace of the fish. Click here for more on the fishing mojo. You want the best for your prey, you want to see the fishing stocks peak, it makes sense. Give fishing people more of a say in the running of the marine environment and you will get sustainable fish stocks.


Fly Fishing For People With Disabilities

When my editor first suggested the title of this article, I thought that he might have taken further leave of his senses. Not the most grounded of human beings to begin with, he has of late exhibited some worrying signs of the mid-life crisis or some similar form of mental aberration. Fly fishing, as many of us well know, is a delicate art and not a suitable pastime for the dilettante or uncommitted among us.  Fishing is a frustrating pursuit for the larger part of the able-bodied population. Tangled fishing lines, flying hooks, casts gone astray and a dozen other calamities just waiting to happen.

Fly Fishing For People With Disabilities

All of these situations do not bode well for the newbie fly fisher, whatever his or her state of physical or mental ability. However, recent studies have found that outdoor activities for disabled people show surprising and positive outcomes for those tacking the tasks. Disabled bodied people are pushing back the boundaries in recreational activities all over the place. They are skiing down challenging slopes and doing just as well as more able-bodied people. Brave hearted people with disabilities are jumping out of aeroplanes and skydiving.

Now, grizzly old fly fishermen, would probably mutter to themselves, “yeah, but that stuff is easy compared to fly fishing.” Standing immersed up to your genitals in a stream with lengthy rod in hand and sensing the delicate pull of current and possible fish, is another matter altogether. This is the confluence of man and nature, where the two meet in a suspension of time. Where the human intellect is out of its depth, so to speak, and it is a meditation of living things operating in harmony. Well, the surprising results are that disabled fly fishing folk are succeeding at the pursuit and, more importantly, enjoying it to boot.

Many individuals, living with a disability, have the patience and sensitivity to excel at fly fishing. Some, have shared, that their disability has forged a patience within them, which is brilliantly attuned to pastimes like angling, and in particular fly fishing. Being outdoors with all that fresh air and nature around them is, also, a wonderful part of the equation. The great outdoors is, now, becoming their playground, where they can express their humanity and enjoy its benefits. Many individuals, with a disability, are hungry to commune with nature and be free of the overly protective constraints of ‘so called’ care. The lure of fly fishing is attracting a new dedicated band of brothers to its charms.

It’s All in the Wrist Action

Fishing is a good form of recreational activity. It relaxes our mind and spirit. There is nothing more soothing than listening to the river as it gushes down the stream. But fly fishing is different. Although it presents the same peacefulness and mental repose with fishing, fly fishing is more of an art. There is something fulfilling about being on your feet near the shoreline and repeatedly casting a fly line. This opportunity gives us time to be one with nature and reflect about things while in solitude.

Fly fishing is like a poem. There’s rhythm and beat, romance and tranquility. Moreover, the fly line appears to have a life of its own. It floats in the air as if it is dancing with the wind. In fact, some people deem fly fishing as a way of life, the one that instills certain values.

It’s All in the Wrist Action

If you feel bored on holiday, try using your wrists in a different kind of action. Instead of streaming adult films or having fun with cam girls, utilize those wrists in swinging a fly rod. In all honesty, fly fishing is quite challenging, but is rewarding at the same time.

The premise in fly fishing is quite similar with regular fishing. You need to cast a rod and include a lure. In fly fishing, you cast the line with lightweight flies that are made up of feather and fur. The fly line is also built with thick PVC, which adds the heave. One should channel their energy into their wrists as they cast the line like a whip.

Tips and Techniques in Fly Fishing

The wind is the enemy in fly fishing. If you are against the wind’s direction, drop your backcast so that you can present your fly. Alternately, master casting the fly over your other shoulder. But if the wind is blowing heavily, your line’s speed is crucial when fly fishing. Opting for a small number of water hauling or taking advantage of the water tension will help in the situation.

Like any sport or skill, you need to practice in order to be good at it. You won’t master the perfect casting technique overnight. Get into the proper form by working on it in an open space at least days before your fishing expedition. For sure, your patience and hard work will reap great fish rewards.

Angling with Nature: Traditional Fishing Techniques

Fishing has been around for a very long time providing food while at the same time leisure for countless number of individuals. Many engage in fishing activities as a form of recreational activity by themselves or with a friend. As technology progress so does new ways of catching fishes are introduced. With that being said, nothing can be the traditional fishing techniques that were once used by or ancestors. Let us look at why back to basics fishing is becoming popular today.

Fishing has indeed progressed introducing new innovations and improvements along the way. With that being said, technology is considered to be a double edged sword as it brings its own set of advantages and disadvantages. For instance, illegal and unregulated fishing is decimating inshore fish stocks while at the same time critically threatens people who make a living from the sea, a report on South Africa’s oceans warns.

Inshore and coastal ecosystems that need protection include estuaries, wetlands, lagoons, slat marshes, mangroves and dunes. Uncontrolled and expanding fossil fuel exploration and bulk sediment mining of the seabed are threats to ecosystems offshore. All of these factors result to damaging the ecosystem which can affect marine life and the quality of fishes that you will be catching.

In an effort to bring people back to natural ways of fishing, several events are held to draw fishing enthusiasts to support their cause. The Gone Fishing Day for example has been declared an overwhelming success with over 130 events staged across the country. Fishing World attended an event at the Sydney Game Fishing Club where Gone Fishing Day organisers hosted several politicians and high profile anglers. The Gone Fishing Day event was a priceless exercise in education for the ministers and a highly valuable method to inform decision makers of the importance of recreational fishing in Australia.

So you are all set and ready to go on a fishing vacation but first you will need to find a suitable fishing village that is able to suit your needs and preferences. Guests can stay in a rorbuer on Svinoya a walkable island connected to Svolvaer by bridge, where sanguine fishing cabins have been converted into quaint and comfortable lodgings.

They can also utilize mobile fishing huts which are custom-built sheds are fully transportable and have their own solar power supply. Each of these comes with a wood burning stove and composting toilets. This in turn allows people to fully immerse themselves in recreational fishing.

If you are looking for a more cost effective way of fishing, you can try natural lures and baits. People will find fun use for pests as these can be used as baits and are as effective as plastic lures however, with the advantage of costing way less.

Before you start your fishing journey, you may want to review first the fishing guidelines that is found in your country. You don’t want to suffer the safe same of a recreational fisherman fined $3000 for undersize catch. The man was charged with unlawfully taking undersized fish that are regulated under the Fisheries Act 1994. The magistrate imposed a $3000 fine and ordered him to pay court costs. This is a perfect reminder to fishers to correctly measure their catch to ensure it complies with Queensland size limits which is made to place to protect and conserve fish stocks for current and future generations.

It’s now or never: Why being a sustainable business matters

business sustainability

More and more companies – both big and small, are evolving to being a sustainable business. The demand for sustainability is higher than ever, since there are many humanitarian and environmental issues that are slowly reaching the point of no return. With that said, enterprises are taking initiative in these efforts as leaders for positive impact in the world. At the same time, these companies are also now aware of the true effects of some of their practices. Being sustainable has many definitions, but they all have the same goal – which is to work towards making the world a better place to live in the future.

What makes a business sustainable?

Being a sustainable business means taking into consideration the conditions of the earth, the conditions of human beings, and the financial costs. For example, businesses that involve natural resources should create efforts of rebuilding what they used. A sample of this is how Starbucks gets more than 90% of their coffee beans from small time farmers, and in return, they provide them with fair wages, amazing working conditions, and a lot of motivation of encouragement. Sustainability is very important now, since resources are slowly depleting and poor working conditions still remains as a big issue worldwide.

A positive impact that goes both ways

Being sustainable is also highly beneficial to the business implementing it as well. First, it conveys a very positive image to the public – especially if they put their sustainable efforts at a grand scale. This gives a softer and more trustworthy image for the company. Additionally, research says that employees from these businesses last longer and have a better morale and they have a lower reputation and financial risk. This also means longevity for the company, as these solutions have good long-term effects and they will contribute to a healthier economic system. A lot of stakeholders are definitely on board with this shift in businesses as well, so overall, it is a win-win situation between enterprise and beneficiary.

It works!

In terms of environmental factors, being sustainable has a lot of definitions as well. For grocery giant Walmart, they are currently targeting zero for their waste production. Walmart now has a “Zero Waste To Landfill” Program wherein they try to reduce their waste by adjusting their plastic bag use, implementing responsible packaging, and having a full blown recycling program. The results have been stellar. Their plastic bag use has been reduced to 38% and they have been sourcing their goods from other sustainable enterprises as well. They even have a program where they can distinguish their suppliers in terms of how sustainable they really are. If they don’t make Walmart’s standards, they won’t be acquired at all.

Thankfully, being sustainable or making sustainable efforts a priority is a thing done by more and more companies as time progresses. If all the big magnates of the world work towards a singular goal, then there will be a tremendous and very positive impact to the world. What should always be kept in mind is the core of being sustainable – preserving the value of humanity and environmental concern.

Important Pointers on Buying Houses for Sale with Fishing Rights

houses for sale fishing rights

Most of us have probably experienced water fishing at some point. So, the thought of looking for houses for sale that have fishing rights might be something that you once considered. Trying to acquire a real estate property is complicated enough. If you put fishing rights into the mix, it becomes even more intricate.

Here are some important tips that will give you a clear idea on what you should expect should you decide to purchase a waterfront home.

The Best Real Estate Agent for the Specific Houses for Sale

Acquiring houses for sale with fishing rights is more complicated than those involved in a regular property transaction. So a regular real estate agent who has no past experience about this specific property market will understandably have no in depth knowledge about waterfront property.

Therefore, the very first thing that you must do is to hire a licensed agent who specialises in buying waterfront properties or homes that face lakes and other freshwater forms. They will surely know the ins and outs of the buying process as well as the deeper implications, e.g. the legal issues involved. They can also give you effective advice on the best deals that are currently available in your area that is right for your budget and other needs. All these will eventually help you save on your money and precious time in the future.

Considerations on the Property

Don’t fall victim to the trap of falling in love with the property at first sight and then buying it without considering its other aspects. You must consider the whole property other than the main structure. For example, the structure of the house is so beautiful that it may be your dream home but once you buy it you realise it doesn’t give you the best view you hoped for, or that the water is mucky, or it doesn’t give you the right privacy that you need, etc.

Make sure that the elements surrounding the house are something that you truly desire because you may be able to re-structure the house but you can never move the house to another location.

Cost Considerations

Since waterfront properties are usually more expensive than regular homes– that they would fall under the jumbo mortgage category– then you may want to explore loan strategies as early as possible. This is important because the process can take longer than it would be for a regular home loan. When thinking about the cost, you would also have to factor in the insurance policy that must be included.

Plan Your Renovations ASAP

What do you want to do with the property? Decide as soon as possible on the many things that you want to do with the property. If you plan on renovating the elements surrounding the house, such as adding a seawall or a dock if the property doesn’t have it yet, then you must plan it accordingly. This is a great way to gauge the cost that would incur. Early planning will also give you enough time to confirm with the local government if the planned renovations will be allowed.

Knowing which water activities are allowed is also important so that appropriate steps can be taken to renovate the property while legally complying with the laws. For example, you may be prohibited from using speed boats, jet skis, and other water crafts within the area. And you only knew about it after you have purchased the property. You don’t want to spend millions of dollars on a property that will not give you the ability to make it entirely your own because you are prohibited by the law and other legal restrictions.

Ask Your Neighbours

It is also important to talk to the people living near the waterfront property. Collect important opinions from them about the living conditions of the place. If they have some issues, ask them what they are. Then consider if these issues will become major nuisance to you when you move in. Think of issues that are especially related to the waterfront quality of the property and find a way to negotiate with the seller how to solve them. If there is truly no way around it, then it would be best to move on to other houses for sale.

Availability of Utilities and Supplies

Most of these waterfront properties are located in rural areas where sources of utilities like clean water, food supply, electricity and other conveniences of the urban life may not be readily available. If these are absent in the particular property, it may be costly to bring these services especially if the area is remote. You also need to investigate the fit-out of the house building, as well as the septic and foundation. Consider the high cost needed to repair these in the near future, should the need arises.

Responsibilities and Laws You Need to Know

Owning a property with fishing rights will also give you more responsibilities than owning a regular home. If acquiring a certain property makes you become a part of a homeowners’ association then you should know your responsibilities regarding the upkeep and the maintenance of the property. You can learn more about this by going through the restrictions, covenants and other conditions that will be stipulated in the contract.

You should also know more deeply about local and national laws regarding the property, such as what types of activities are allowed in the water and which are not. There are also laws that will prohibit the building of additional structures near your property. Learn more about these laws to avoid possible legal complications in the future. Coordinate with your real estate agent as well as the seller so that these can be discussed more thoroughly before your purchase.

Calamity Considerations

When buying a waterfront home, you must also consider the fact that properties like these are more prone to the negative effects of calamity. Therefore, you should investigate these types of properties if they are within the line of fire for future cyclones, hurricane, storm, or flooding. Determine if there is calamity insurance which is usually sold separately. Make sure that you look at houses for sale that have insurance policies included.

Making Travel Convenient for Outdoor Businesses

airport taxi

The growth and proliferation of the outdoor business sector has, in a most remarkable way, changed how corporate travel is managed. With more businesses working across geographical borders, it is clear that this dynamic approach is here to stay. Outdoor businesses, in essence, are those that require entrepreneurs to work on location, usually without the need for a physical office. The perks of such a business include great demand, better flexibility and certainly lower overheads. One of the most common prerequisite requirements for successfully running such a business is to facilitate for travel through airports, which then brings on board the aspect of using an airport taxi.

Convenience for your outdoor business

Depending on your choice business, the need to travel will vary remarkably. While there are different options, perhaps the use of flights is preferred to road travel thanks to its sheer speed. Whether you are meeting a prospective client, or want to rack brains with a chain of suppliers, you need travel solutions that will cater to your budget, itinerary as well as professional line. Flights work for most people for the aforementioned reasons.

Your arrival at the airport need not be frazzled by the pacing about that is characteristic of looking for means to get to your destination. Instead, get in touch with the airport beforehand and find out whether you can make bookings for your airport taxi. Note that this will require you to have your pertinent flight details with you.

Perks of using the airport taxi when handling outdoor businesses

Some of the perks of using airport taxis when managing outdoor businesses include the convenience of very minimal waiting time as the taxis are already on location. This is very critical, especially for outdoor businesses where time is of the essence, say businesses that handle perishable products as well as those that revolve around courier services.

Another advantage of using this kind of taxi is that you need not worry about changed taxi rates. This is because, often, at the time of booking, the rates are pre-defined. No haggling, and more importantly, little time is wasted by securing an airport taxi that will wait on you. The professional ethics upheld by the team at the airport compliments the quality of services, and is a building tool for your business.

Find out the regions that the airport taxis cover

The regions covered by the airport taxi will depend largely on your choice destination. Some taxis will opt to pick you at the house or estate, while others have a more centralized location to cater for large numbers of business men. Whichever the choice, the choice airport taxi you intend to use must cover your area of interest and extend to surrounding regions. This is the ultimate experience for corporate travelers.

Outdoor businesses require you to constantly be on the go, which is why, to a large extent, most of these travel plans revolve around airports and taxis. By harnessing the perks of air travel and making use of airport taxis, individuals handling outdoor businesses are better placed to excel.

Choosing The Right Outdoor Business

Opening up your own business in Australia is a trend right now, especially when it comes to real estate and the food industry. Other types that are also trending is an outdoor business, especially those that are lining up by the beach. People who are planning to open up a business in Australia should know that they must find good business legal advice, as a way to assist immigrants on how businesses are run, what are the legal actions required in order to start the business and what immigrants need for them to own the business legally. In this case, since you will be starting a business, you will also need a solicitor – those who are qualified to deal with matters of conveyance.

Suggested Outdoor Businesses

Legal matters aside, have you decided what kind of business for outdoors you want to open? You need to take into consideration what type of business that you love to work with. Businesses that are focused on the outdoors usually have very low overhead and the demand is high. Some of these businesses include maintenance and outdoor repair, outdoor cleaning, gardening, city courier, adventure sporting goods, camping classes, outdoor sports training or coaching, cycles and boat rentals and many more. If anything is fine with you as long as it is a business for outdoors, you already have a good picture on what and how your business is going to run in Australia.

Legal Requirements to Start a Business

Australia has its own rules and regulations established for how businesses are being handled. Every state in the country has its own set of rules and regulations that you need to do research, too. But generally, all immigrants that wish to open up a business in the country are required how they can get their own visa and the requirements both government and legal that applies to opening up with Australian businesses. In regards to business visas, you can get a lot of information from DIBP or the Department of Immigration and Border Protection as they are the ones handling Australian business visas.

Other Forms of Business Visas

Those who are interested in setting up and managing either a new or an existing business in the country, especially if they have confidence in their business skills, should take a look at the Provisional Business Innovation and Investment visas, which you can find at the official business website of the Australian government. Before you even apply for such visas, you will need to be nominated by either a territory or state government. You will need to wait for their invitation for you to get a visa or you can contact them directly. Once you receive the invitation, that is the right time to apply for your visa.

Once you are granted one of these many forms of visas, it is valid for 4 years. You should also take a look at the business talent visa if you own a business outside of Australia. There are other qualifications for this which is available at the official business government website.

Here’s what you need to know when renting a car for outdoor adventures

car rental services

Go rent a car: The basics

Travel has, over the years, become a choice hobby for many individuals. This explains, in part, the popularity of car rental services like “Go Rent a Car” across the world. Travelers looking for cars to hire will often begin their search online. As a general guide, you must be well aware of the reputation of the car rental company you intend to use. One way to do this is to go through different reviews online. Find out what other clients have to say about your company of choice. While this may not be a 100% accurate, it will give you some insight into what to expect. Once you are sure of the car rental company, make sure you understand the stipulated terms and conditions.

Car rental Services for outdoor lovers

There is something undeniably magical about the natural outdoors. Whether it is the tranquility of the tropical forests, or the serenity of the snow-capped mountains, or simply the pristine beaches, outdoor scenes have an allure that is almost irresistible. To experience this, travelers will usually take a drive in their cars to their choice destinations. Often, this is not possible for a myriad of reasons. Sometimes, one is traveling in a foreign state or country, and it is impractical to drive all the way. This is where car rental services come in handy. They not only offer the convenience of travel in a foreign location, but you also have the opportunity to choose the ideal car for hire depending on your outdoor travel adventures.

Tips for care rental services

Choosing car rental services, especially for first-time travelers, may seem like a daunting task. With these tips, however, this should be a seamless process. A good place to start is to settle for the most elemental package. Regardless of the car rental company of choice, the inclusion of extras and add-on services will simply increase the car rental fees. A little background check will relieve you of these extra fees, money which you could always channel to your recreation and outdoor adventures.

Secondly, make the effort to always check the company’s terms and conditions at the time of hire. This is because in recent times, car rental companies have effected policies that govern fuel and mileage. Knowing what is expected of you not only avoids conflict, it also enables you to enjoy peace of mind and certainly have fun during your travels.

Lastly, take photos of the car before you embark on your adventure. The reason for this is that in the outdoors, you are certain to encounter different situations. Having proof of the car’s condition prior to hiring will save you the agony of wondering how and when you damaged the car. As a matter of fact, make sure that an official from the firm confirms the same with signature or official stamp. This way, you have ground to assert your position on the car’s appearance should the need arise.

So, if you are planning for an outdoor adventure, make sure you use these tips for a seamless trip. In the end, do not let the rigors of car rental dissuade you from a fun-filled adventure to your choice destination.